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We all know the dangers of a single story. When global narratives around Afghanistan focus solely on conflict and crises, the strength of the Afghan people and the beauty of Afghan culture becomes lost.
Here at Afghanaid, we know one of the best ways to connect with, and show your support for, communities thousands of miles away from your own is through the sharing of culture, and highlighting our shared loves such as of community, music and food. After all, there is far more that unites us than divides us.
With a rich and diverse cultural history, owing to influences from Central Asia, South Asia, the Middle East and the Far East, Afghanistan’s food, music and poetry is unrivalled. 

Our supporters have always taken an active interest in learning more about Afghanistan’s beautiful culture. Through events from in-person festivals to online panel discussions, we facilitate this learning by collaborating with awe-inspiring Afghan creatives to bring different facets of Afghan culture to audiences in the UK and beyond. This year, the second, sold-out iteration of our Cultural Festival brought together phenomenal performers such as singer Elaha Soroor, tabla player Yusuf Mahmoud, and poets Hadisa Hussain Afzaly and Meral Alizada. Alongside delicious food from Afghan Caravan and Watani Box, these creatives provided a real insight into the vibrant culture of Afghanistan. Were you unable to make it, or simply want to relive the day?
Elaha Soroor on stage at the cultural festival.
November was a month of celebration for our team, as we reflected on forty years of Afghanaid. Wherever you are, there's still time for you to join us to mark this special anniversary, and what better way to celebrate than to create one of our team’s favourite dishes? Baghlaw-e-Khanagi, a delicious sweet pastry, not dissimilar to the well known Baklava, are commonly made for festivities such as Eid and Nowruz, making them the perfect birthday treat! Celebrate with us, and try our team member Maria’s recipe for an authentic taste of Afghanistan.
Maria’s Baghlaw-e-Khanagi
Baghlaw-e-khanagi is a delicious sweet pastry, not dissimilar to the well-known Turkish delicacy, Baklava.
Want to use your celebration as a fundraising opportunity? Why not host an Afghanaid Birthday Dinner, using some of the delicious recipes from our website?
Delicious Afghan recipes for you to make in your own home